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    Vocabulary: Transport
    Rozwiąż krzyżówkę i znajdź ten wyraz

    1.planes, trains, and boats are all kinds of... na 9 liter.
    2.a ticket... is someone who checks people's tickets on a train. na 9 liter.
    3. sally and jack saw lots of old trains in the... na 6 liter.
    4. a at the front of a train -it pulls the train. na 6
    5.short name of the london 4 litery. take a plane from here. na 7 liter.
    7.many students walk or cycle to school but some go by ..... or car. na 3 litery.
    8. trains run on railway.... na 5 liter.
    9.the first.....underground railway opened in 1890. na 8 liter.