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    Why you (not put) wire across the tops of your chimneys? -
    Tom (do) that sometimes but it (not seem) to make any difference.
    The simple present and the present continuous

    PEG 164-74
    Put the verbs in brackets into the simple present or present continuous tense.
    1 What Tom (think) of the Budget? -
    He (think) it most unfair. ~
    I (agree) with him.
    2 What this one (cost)?-
    It (cost) forty pence.
    3 You (hear) the wind? It (blow) very strongly tonight.
    4 You (see) my car keys anywhere? -
    No, I (look) for them but I (not see) them.
    5 He never (listen) to what you say. He always (think) about something else.
    6 This book is about a man who (desert) his family and (go) to live on a Pacific island.
    7 You (understand) what the lecturer is saying? ~
    No, I (not understand) him at all.
    8 What you (have) for breakfast usually? ~
    I usually (eat) a carrot and (drink) a glass of cold water.
    9 When the curtain (rise) we (see) a group of workers. They (picket) factory gate.
    10 Why you (walk) so fast today? You usually (walk) quite slowly. ~
    I (hurry) because I (meet) my mother at 4 o'clock and she (not like) to be kept waiting.
    11 I (wish) that dog would lie down. He (keep) jumping up on my lap. ~
    I (think) he (want) to go for a walk.
    12 You (recognize) that man? ~
    I (think) that I have seen him before but I (not remember) his name
    13 Look at that crowd. I (wonder) what they (wait) for.
    14 This message has just arrived and the man (wait) in case you (want) to send a reply

    15 Stop! You (not see) the notice? ~
    I (see) it but I can't read it because I (not wear) my glasses. What it (say)? ~
    It (say) 'These premises are patrolled by guard dogs'.
    16 She always (borrow) from me and she never (remember) to pay me back.
    17 You (need) another blanket or you (feel) warm enough?
    18 It (save) time if you (take) the path through the wood? ~
    No, it (not matter) which path you take.
    19 I (save) up because I (go) abroad in July.
    20 I (think) it is a pity you don't take more exercise. You (get) fat.
    21 The plane that you (look) at now just (take) off for Paris,
    22 Tom never (do) any work in the garden; he always (work) on his car.
    23 What he (do) to his car now? ~
    I (think) he (polish) it.
    24 That film (come) to the local cinema next week. You (want) to see it?

    25 How Peter (get) on at school? ~
    Very well. He (seem) to like the life.
    26 Why Mrs Pitt (look) so angry? ~
    Mr Pitt (smoke) a cigarette and (drop) the ash on the carpet.
    27 This is our itinerary. We (leave) home on the 8th, (arrive) in Paris on the 9th, (spend)
    the day in Paris, and (set) out that night for Venice. ~
    That (sound) most interesting. You must tell me all about it when you (get) back.
    28 This story is about a boy who (make) friends with a snake which he (find) in his
    garden. Then he (go) away but he (not forget) the snake and some years later he
    (return) and (look) for it.
    29 He (find) the snake who (recognize) its old friend and (coil) round him affectionately.
    But, unfortunately, the snake is by now a full-grown boa-constrictor and its embrace
    (kill) the poor boy.
    30 The snake (feel) sorry about this?-
    I (not know). The story (end) there.
    31 How you (end) a letter that (begin), 'Dear Sir'? ~
    I always (put), 'Yours truly', but Tom (prefer) 'Yours faithfully'.
    32 What the word 'catastrophe' (mean)? ~
    It (mean) 'disaster'.
    33 What you (wait) for?-
    I (wait) for the shop to open. -
    But it (not open) till 9.00. -
    I (know) but I (want) to be early, as their sale (start) today.
    34 Why you (smoke) a cigar, Mrs Pitt? You (not smoke) cigars as a rule. ~
    I (smoke) it because I (want) the ash. This book (say) that cigar ash mixed with oil
    (remove) heat stains from wood.
    35 Who (own) this umbrella? ~
    I (not know). Everybody (use) it but nobody (know) who (own) it.
    36 You (mind) if I (ask) you a question? ~
    That (depend) on the question. ~
    It (concern) your brother. ~
    I (refuse) to answer any question about my brother.

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