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    Idealny dom

    Perfect house :)
    Everybody has another imagination on "perfect house". I want to present you my own.
    My ideal house should be big (at least two stocks) and have big garden with various plants.
    I want to live in the suburbs, because there is more fresh air than in the city centre, but it's not as far to big shops, school and work as in the country. I'd like to live in calm area, where I would be able to walk at night without risky of being assaulted and robbed or even kidnapped.
    In my garden there should be not only decorative trees and shrubs, but also fruit trees and vegetables like apple-trees, peartrees, tomatoes or cucumbers.
    But garden consist not only of plants, but also of place for rest and relax. In my ideal garden there should be bower where I could sit and relax during warm summer-rain and alleys where I could walk nights in the pale moonlight or pick multicoloured flowers during day.
    As I told, the house should be big and have at least three bedrooms, dining room of course spacious living room. I also would like to have fully-equipped kitchen with all modern facilities, because I'm fan of cooking and I like to experiment with new dishes.
    In this house there should be also charlady who would clean up house and gardener. Having my own chauffeur also wouldn't be a bad idea.
    On the roof I would like to install solar panels to make my house eco-friendly and decrease my electricity bills. My ideal house should also be heated by geothermal energy, because prices of coal and fuel oil go up every year.
    I'm not sure whether I will be rich enough to have this house, but if I had a lot of money, I would buy this one.

    Takie coś mi wyszło. Mam nadzieję, że się podoba :)

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