Mini ankieta
Podaj rok urodzenia:


    1.Napisz zdania używając wyrazów w nawiasach (dodając too lub enought):
    1.I can't swim in the swimming pool. (It / cold)
    It's too cold.
    2.You can't go for a walk in the forest. (it / dangerous)
    3.They don't want to eat in this restaurant. (it / dirty)
    4.She can't find a parking place in this car park. (it / small).
    5.I can't afford to take my family to the zoo. (it / expensive)
    6.We can't take the children to the museum. (it / boring)
    7.He can't buy that jacket. (it / big)
    2.Uzupełnij drugie zdanie z każdej pary tak, aby miało to samo znaczenie, co pierwsze. Użyj przymiotników w nawiasach oraz (not) enoought.
    1.It's too dirty. (clean)
    It's isn't clean enought.
    2.It's too far away. (close)
    It _____________
    3.This town isn't too small for me. (big)
    This town _____________
    4.This book is too boring for me. (interesting)
    This book _____________
    5.I'm too poor to eat here. (rich)
    I'm _____________
    6.Only very strong people can lift this box. I can't. (strong)
    I'm ____________.
    7.It's too noisy to think in here. (quiet)
    It _____________
    8.It's only 16 (stopni) today. I can't sunbathe. (got)
    It _______________.

    Prosze o wypełnienie miejsc ;))
    Zad 1.

    2. It's too dangerous
    3. It's too dirty
    4. It's too small
    5. It's too expensive
    6. It's too boring
    7. It isn't big enough lub It's too big

    Zad 2

    2. It isn't close enough
    3. This town is big enough
    4. This book isn't interesting enough
    5. I'm not rich enough to eat here
    6. I'm not strong enough to lift this box
    7. It isn't quiet enough to think in here
    8. It hasn't got enough degrees today