Complete the sentences with ALL, BOTH, EITHER, NEITHER OR NONE.
    1. Lucy and Ron are very good at Maths. They ______ took part in an international Maths competition and won prizes.

    2. All of my friends have got cars, so ____________ of them use the underground often.

    3. _______ Robert and I want to go out, but __________ of us has got money, so we re staying at home.

    4. Ken: Why did Martin and Paul have a fight?
    Sean: I don t know. I haven t spoken to ________ of them since Wednesday.

    5.Kim has three older brothers and ______ of them are doctors, like their father.

    6.We ve got two dryers, but _______ works properly. We will have to buy a new one.

    7. Jean: Which of the two dresses would you choose?
    Tina: ________. They re _______ horrible.
    1. Both
    2. None
    3. Both / Neither
    4. Neither
    5. All
    6. Neither
    7. None / All

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