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    Opis krajobrazu warszawskiego po angielsku.
    The landscape of Warsaw - urban planning and architectural magazine published since 1994 by the authorities of Warsaw. She focuses on zoning, planning and landscaping of Warsaw, presents the results of architectural competitions rozpisywanych by the authorities of Warsaw.

    Initially, he was added to the urban planning and architectural capital biweekly City Hall, but then began to operate as a separate publication (issued in 2003 by the Department for Planning Board Office in Warsaw, 2003-2007 - by the Office of the Chief Architect of the City, since 2007 - by the Bureau of Architecture and Spatial Planning of the City of Warsaw). Some numbers are created in cooperation with other agencies of the City Warsaw, such as the Office of Road Construction and Communications, Office of the Capital Conservation.

    The magazine are or were associated in the past: Grzegorz Buczek, Zbigniew Gonciarz (graphic design), Marek Mikos, Catherine Niekrasz, Andrew Switala, Margaret Zdancewicz.

    The series was issued, several large studies, called notebooks, marked with Roman numbers: