Napisz opowiadanie, w którym główna bohaterka otrzymuje nietypową nagrodę za swoje osiągnięcia w szkole. (200-250 słów) Bardzo proszę o pomoc;)
    Po angielsku
    The beginning of it faster than the holidays. The whole school went to church like every year. The next day, lessons were loose. We discussed what we did when I was a holiday and if we were careful. Lessons have become such until they were at the beginning of the year. When it turned out that we will soon come to a girl. All the boys were impatient. Since the walk of every girl and this girl just did not go with them. A week has passed and they started to normal lessons. They were already asked homework. Were made kartkówki and checking, and we were placed in the answer. It was not so easy for us because we have reached newthings.
    It's finally the day. On Friday, September twenty-fifth day we came to the new girl. Was similar to Miley Cyrus. The boys walked beside her still, even my boyfriend. I was jealous. As the months passed. Already finished the first semester. Mr. Director organized a call on our evaluations. It was a biannual summary of our ratings. There were also prizes for certain achievements. It turned out that this year will be granted an unusual prize. We all listened to Mr. Director with great delight.
    The director wytłumaczym me what kind of an unusual reward for what it is. I learned that this is for my good contacts with younger children, but not only it is that sometimes the teacher was teaching. And my colleagues even thinks he is afraid. And this was precisely this story .
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