Opisz swój ulubiony zespół. (10-15zdań) (najlepiej, żeby to był Afromental) Z góry dzięki :)

    P.s. Opis ma być po angielsku
    Napisz chociaż po polsku, a mogę przetłumaczyć.
    Albo po prostu skorzystaj z tego:
    Dzięki :)
    Sorry ale nie znam tego Afromental więc opisze One Direction .

    My favorite band is One Direction. Boys playing together since 2010. Their career began with the X factor .The band consists of five young beautiful and talented boys.or Zayn Malik Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.So far released two albums under the title "Upp All Night" and "Take me home" ..The guys have also made a video of himself which could be seen in theaters in late August. Their songs are fun and catchy Am personally a fan of One Direction, and I think they are the greatest band that ever existed youth.At this time, working on disk 3 in their career.
    My favorite music band it's Enej. This is seven people in band. In this year they won polish edition of ,,Must be the Music''. They like sing two kinds of music: folk and rock.I very like song:,,Radio Hello", this song it's number one on polish radio stations. Their vocalists Piotr Sołoducha heard very nice reviews from many people.He is accordionist too. I think this band wait great career.

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