Uzupelnij zdania w czasie Present Continous uzywajac czasownikow podanych w nawiasie

    My brother unemployed and he ___________(look) for a job
    Im so tired.I ______________ (dream) of a cup of hot coffee
    Lets go to bed.We _______________ (leave) early tommorrow
    This month I _______________ (save) up to buy a new stereo system
    I _____________ (go) shopping together.
    You ____________________ (drive) much too fast
    The local authorities ____________________ (build) a new road.
    She ________________ (stand) near the tree.
    I ______________ (help) grandma to pick upo apples in his garden
    This week he _______________ (prepare) for a swimming competitiopn next week.

    Uzupelnij pytania w czasie Present Continuous uzywajac czasownikow z nawiasu
    ____________________________ there long? (stay)
    __________________ by train? I could pick you up from the station (come)
    ___________________the car? (take)
    ____________________ so heavily? (rain)
    ____________________ the car again? (repair)
    _______________________ Greek or what? (speak)

    Napisz zdania przeczace w odpowiedniej formie czasu Present COntinuous tak aby znaczenie obu bzdan bylo rownowazne

    Derek looks bored with the party = ______________________ himself at the party.
    We havent invited anyone for tommorrow = ______________________ any guests tomorrow.
    its Cathy day off today = ___________________ today
    the train is terribly slow = We ______________________ very fast.
    Its the third time you havent heard my question = ______________ to me again

    Napisz pytania tak aby uzupelnic ponizszy dialog

    What are you doing this weekend?
    im going to the mountains
    Oh sounds good._____________________________?
    A couple of people from our office
    probably on friday afternoon
    And ____________________________?
    Well one of our managers has got a villa there and he invited us to stay.

    Zaznacz poprawne formy czasownikow
    He waves/is waving at us
    Mandy is very good at languages and she speaks/is speaking German and English
    I dont think/am not thinking its a good idea
    The film starts/is starting at 8.30
    You drive/are driving too fast
    My grandma stays/is staying with us every christmas
    I dont use/am not using it at the moment
    What time does the library open/is the library opening on weekdays?
    I miss/am missing her a lot

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