Mini ankieta
Podaj rok urodzenia:


    Uzupełnij zdania podanymi przymiotnikami w stopniu wyższym lub najwyższym.

    The biggest robbery in London! The Millennium Star is one of (1)____(expensive) diamonds in the world. It is (2)____(big) than most other diamonds. But when (3)____(dangerous) thieves in London tried to steal the diamond, the police were waiting for them. The police heard about the plan for (4)____(bad) robbery of the decade, and they changed the Millennium Star for a (5)____(cheap) replica.
    'The operation was very successfull,' said a police officer. 'It was (6)____(easy) than we thought. We had (7)____(good) police officers in London, and they were a lot (8)____(clever) than the criminals!'
    1.the most expensive 2.bigger 3.the most dangerous 4.the worst 5.cheaper 6.the easiest 7.the best 8.(tutaj nie wiem ;/ )