Uzupełnij zdania odpowiednimi wyrazami. Pierwsze litery tych wyrazów zostały podane.

    1. I`m going to g__________ from university in six year`s time.
    2. Chris is going to t__________ his final exams at university next year.
    3. If you f__________ the driving test, you can retake it.
    4. If I p__________ all the exams, I`m going to celebrate for a week.
    5. This school has the highest a__________ standards in the city.
    6. Studens who ch__________ in exams can expect to find themselves in trouble.
    7. If you m__________ to many lessons,you`ll have a lot of work to do on your own.
    8. Miss Fitzwilliam is quite d_________: she expects everyone to study hard.
    9. I don`t see the point of learning things by h__________ without understanding them!
    10. Miss Today says she hasn`t had the time to m__________ our testes. I hoped. I`d know my result today.

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