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    Dear Jim ,
    Sorry I haven`t written for a while , but I`ve just got back from a week`s holiday in buenos Aires. WE stayed in one of the city` s best hotels on the Plaza de Mayo, right in the hearth of the city. It was ideal to sightseeing and shoping.
    Buenos Aries is an amazing place. It` s the largest city in Argentina , very modern and exciting , but relaxing and cultured at the same time. Did you know it has the world`s widest street ?
    There ` s plenty to do there,too. we spent most of our time shopping and visiting the main sights like the casa Rosada - it is one of the most beautiful buldings I` ve ever seen! Unfortunately , I had a mishap of the last day. While I was shopping I lost my passport . As you can imagine , I was realy upset , but when I went to police station to report it, some kind person had already handed it in . What relief .
    Well , it that all my news. Hope are you OK. See you soon. Barry
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    Hi from Budapest. I`m here 5 days . Nice hotel in belvaros . Forgot credid card . please deposit 200 funt in . My account.. Thanks Edward

    Tabela 38
    Visit budapest - the centre of Hungary` s culture and industry.
    Visit the Royal Palace and museum fine art
    Realax at traditional coffee houses
    Stey AT beautiful Art Nouveau hotels
    Take The City at night rieverboat tour
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