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    Proszę o pomoc w dialogu w języku algielskim. (z tłumaczeniem) Chodzi o dailog w restauracji

    Potrzebne na jutro
    hej ;) z jakiej jestes miejscowosci ? pytam bo mam zadane w tym samym czasie to zadanie - tzn, dialog po angielsku w restauracji ;d;d
    A: Good evening. May I help you?
    B: Good evening. I booked a table for this evening.
    A: Your name madam/sir?
    B: .............
    A: Oh, yes. Table number one by the door. This way please.
    B: All right then. Could I have the menu card please?
    A: Here you are.
    B: Thank you.
    A: Can I take your order, please
    B: Yes, I'd like a tomato soup and fish with potato.
    A: Would you like anything to drink?
    B: I'd like a cup of tea, please.
    A: How about the dessert ?
    B: I will take a chocolate pie.
    A: Is that all?
    B: Yes that's all.
    B: Waiter! Can I have a tissue
    A: Yes of course?
    B: Thank you. Could I have the bill, please.
    A: Certainly, Eleven pounds fifty please.
    B: Here you are. Keep the change. please.
    A: Thank you very much.