Napisz list po angielsku o wakacjach dla chłopaka tylko taki bez błędów :)
    ale do swojego chłopaka masz napisać
    dear honey
    Holidays in London are great, the hotel where we are is very large, our pokuj is on the fifth floor and is number three hundred and five. There is much to explore. Yesterday I saw Big Ben, we were also to go around the palace of the queen, and the city. I've bought a lot of souvenirs and you, too, always thinking of you and I can not apomnieć. But tomorrow we go to the sea despite the fact that this two-hour drive from here. Then we want to go to the zoo, aquarium and a museum about dinosaurs. How do we have enough time to go to town the shops, I would love to go to primarku because there a lot of cool clothes. 6 days to see you and all the time we have together. I must go now, because I have to go with us jużspaćbo is 23:30. much I love and miss.

    Your beloved mouse: *
    mam nadzieje że bedzie dobrze

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