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    Uzupełnij zdania,wstawiając will lub won't i czasownik z ramki.
    [pass , arrive , go , be , have , do]
    1.The temperature is falling.I think it _______ _______ cold tomorrow.
    2.They're talking the 9.25 train,so they _______ ______early in the morning
    3.She likes big families.She _____ ____a lot of children when she's older.
    4.I______ ______all my exams because I didn't study for some subject.
    5.I_______ ________to the USA when I'm older.I want to see New York.
    6.He_______ _______the ironing.He never does any housework.
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    • 16.12.2010 zmieniony
    1) will be
    2) will go
    3)will have
    4) won't pass
    5) will arive
    6) won't do