Opowiadanie o wakacjach po angielsku. Min. 120 słów
    My vacations have been begun dull. Rainy weather encouraged (nerve) for viewing of television only. They planned fathers (parents) in addition no holidays, so, it was foreshadowed (was presaged) on it, that I will spend this leisure in city. I was bad and disappointed. First week of vacation has expired (has gone by) on complain me and boredom. My fathers (parents) have already begin worry, when my fairest friend has dialed up (has called) Dagmara. It has invited me for aunt, which (who) lives on village over sea. Fathers (parents) did not oppose even ago traveling , because they saw as very be glad (please) . I has been packed and dad has drived me for Dagmary. We have gone for case (together; time) train Trzesiącza. There aunt lives . I have spent fortnight at she (it). There was wonderfully. Aunt is junior (youngest) sister have Dagmary and it gave us liberty a lot, but certainly we did not try (did not look) to abuse this freedom. We have gone on night case (together; time) only, under tent for neighboring village. We have been unpacked , I have fired (have lit) focal point, but it has smashed tent Dagmara. It was made already darkly, but we decide go for a walk, sea over. As it happens, that it further than we thought and genuine dark has fallen. Suddenly I have stumbled about something outstanding on way and I have run in (to) bush cierniste. I felt, that I am whole podrapana. It lay for moment too Dagmara as debt , in some (certain) puddle. I has been orientated fastly, that we have lost way. I was aghast a bit, but it imitated brave Dagmara. Whole was in slush and it did not lose good humor. At least it behaved so. It said, that it is certain, that sea already not far and there we must get on. I have relaxed with relief, when I have heard hum of wave. Sea was very quiet, but view in breast breath zapierał. We have asked lighthouse keeper that (in order to) it directed us to our part of camp. As it happens, that it is simplest (easiest) and for place shortest expensive (dear) , where it waited for we tents. We have thanked and we have run before straight. We were weary and hungry, but we have gone to sleep at once. We have spent next day over sea, but we were evening (in the evening) at aunt already. There were my fine fortnight of vacations.

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